Mushrooms in a drink? You bet!

Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake & Chaga mushrooms have been hailed for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as immune supporters, inflammation fighters, “kind” energy enhancers and stress relievers. Natural Vitamin-C-packed hibiscus, essential citrus oils and spices add deliciousness. We drink it twice a day. But let your body decide. It knows.


5-mushroom superfood blend.

Your body knows this stuff.
(And it wants it.)

Refreshing hibiscus and citrus flavor.
No added sugar.

• Supports immune system    • Fights inflammation   • Calms   • "Nice" energy

About us

We’re a team of wellness advocates who believe nature produces a bounty of ways to support the health and wellness of our bodies—even once disease or illness has set in. And through foraging of and working with mushrooms, we’ve relieved our own health challenges substantially.

      We’re proud to bring you Bionic Tonic, created so everyone has access to proactive ways of supporting your own wellness.

      Join us in imbibing in it twice daily. (Quenches thirst and supports your whole body.)

      We’re careful not to add anything to our product that doesn’t have a healing purpose. And we use organic ingredients, always.

      Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions or questions.

Dennis Wiggins, Founder, CIA trained chef

Does the tonic taste like mushrooms?

No, it has a very pleasant effervescence of citrus and hibiscus notes. There is no sugar added and we use all natural erthrytol, xylitol and monk fruit for a subtle sweetness.

It’s very refreshing!


Is it Gluten and GMO free?



What is the blend of mushrooms and is it enough to have any effect?

We use a proprietary blend of 5 well-known mushrooms supported through numerous studies to be effective and beneficial for healing the body. Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake and Cordyceps.  We believe and have felt in our own bodies, that consuming Bionic Tonic twice daily makes a difference.


Have there been studies on these mushrooms?

Yes, please refer to these links for more on the health benefits of all the mushrooms in our formula. And watch this TedTalk on mushrooms by a leading mycologist Paul Stamets.

It says the product provides “nice” energy. What is that?

 “Nice” energy is a gentle, natural energy. Because mushrooms are an adaptogen, your body only uses what it needs for balance/homeostasis.


What does adaptogenic mean?

Mushrooms are an adaptogen. The body uses them to help stabilize, balance and promote homeostasis for healing and a return to its natural state of wellness.


Where can I buy Bionic Tonic?

We are found locally in Winston Salem and Greensboro. We are not available online yet.





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